University of Florida Admission essay

Your statement should include any additional information (beyond the scope of your initial application) that you would like the Committee to know about your qualifications and motivations. Your personal statement is the voice of your application, and an opportunity to directly address the admissions committee.Below are some questions that applicants typically answer in their personal statement, however feel free to tailor your personal statement as you see best.Why do you want to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Florida?Why are you interested in UF Online?How has your past prepared you to excel in this program?Is there anything else you would like for the Admissions Committee to know about you?

Government Taxation

Without taxation, government would not be able to provide most goods and services. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the main types of taxation levied in the United States and their advantages and disadvantages.In a three to four-page APA style paper (not including the title and reference pages), discuss the three major tax structures: income, sales, and property taxes, and the advantages and disadvantages of each according to at least three of the criteria for evaluating revenue options: adequacy of revenue production, equity, economic effects, collectability, and transparency. In addition to the text, cite at least two outside resources in your paper and use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document all sources.

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Your supervisor plans to fill another entry-level financial analyst position on your team. Your supervisor has asked you to create a job aid about the financial analyst role. The purpose of the job aid is to help the new hire move smoothly into the role. The job aid must describe the responsibilities of a financial analyst. It must also describe the impact the role has on a business.DirectionsCreate a job aid for a new hire to an entry-level financial analyst position. Your job aid should be thorough. But it should also be easy to understand for someone new to the field of finance. You’ll use the Project One Financial Analyst Job Aid template (linked in the What to Submit section) to complete this assignment.In your job aid, you’ll give a general overview of financial management and its importance to a business. Specifically, you must address the following:Financial Responsibilities: Describe the responsibilities of a financial analyst.Write five to seven bullet points outlining the responsibilities a financial analyst has. Use complete sentences.Financial Management Decisions: Discuss the importance of analyzing and managing finances to help make business decisions. Give examples to support your claims.Consider the bullet points you outlined in the previous section. Then write a brief paragraph that answers the following questions. Use examples to support your claims.How do those responsibilities help inform management decisions?What would happen if management didn’t have this information?Accounting Principles: Explain how to use accounting principles to analyze a business’s financial health. Give examples to support your claims.Write a brief paragraph that explains how financial analysts use accounting principles to analyze a business’s financial health. In your paragraph, also answer the following questions:What accounting information do financial analysts use?What would happen if that information was not available or was not accurate?Financial Statements: Describe how to use financial statements to help businesses make finance-related decisions. Give examples to support your claims.Think about how financial analysts identify the information contained in financial statements. Then write a brief paragraph that answers the following questions. Use examples to support your claims.What do financial analysts need to do their job?What types of finance-related business decisions would this information help businesses to make?Financial Terminology: Explain how a financial analyst uses key financial terms every day. Make sure your response is clear and easy to understand.Define each term listed below. Then, for each term, write one or two sentences showing how a financial analyst might use the term. In your response, imagine the analyst is communicating with management, helping them make an important decision.Financial statementLiquidityWorking capitalDiversificationTime value of money.Utilize this attachment as a reference and to complete the task.

President Biden

Recall the tensions and drama around the beginning of the year 2021 with the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th when Congress met to certify election results and the Inauguration ceremony only weeks later.  This was followed by the impeachment trial for the former president that ended without a conviction.  The media will continue to assess the President’s actions when they review time in office.and beyond.  More recently, there have also been the January 6th hearings before Congress as well.  Please address all of the following questions:Do you believe that President has exceeded, met or missed the expectations when he took office?  Please explain and give examples.Which issue do you believe this President has or will most successfully address?  Explain and give examples.Which issue do you believe will prove most challenging during this presidency?  Explain and give examples.The midterm elections are coming and the next presidential election will follow.  Who do you think will be the next President and what party will control the White House and Congress in the future?  Please explain why.

Presidency paper assignment

) which contains primary documents related to American presidents, including State of the Union addresses, inaugural addresses, and electoral results. Select one primary source from a past President that you would like to learn more about for your paper.  You may not write a biography as this will get no points – pick a source like a speech. Write a short response paper about the selected source with both summary and reflection.Your response must be at least one full page in length. In the first paragraph, briefly summarize the selected primary source. In the second paragraph, offer your thoughts/ response/ observations to this document. You should double space and use left justify for your

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2021 Capital structure (Financing Decision).2021 Dividend policy.Discuss at least one financial ratio relative to each analysis.Use the company’s 2021 10K annual report, textbook, class lecture and other sources for research.

Dunkin Donuts

1. 2021 Capital expenditures (Capital Budgeting Decision). 2. 2021 Capital structure (Financing Decision).3. 2021 Dividend policy.Discuss at least one financial ratio relative to each analysis.Use the company’s 2021 10K annual report, textbook, class lecture and other sources for research.

Week 3 Assignment HSA599

There have been changes in political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors that influence strategic planning. Americans desire increased quality patient care, wellness, and prevention programs. Health care organizations are seeing changes in volume and demographics related to their patients, along with labor and technologies related to the health care organization.For this assignment, select a health care organization from the following list:St. David’s HealthcareAmerican Academy of PediatricsMassachusetts General Hospital’s Department of NeurologyImagine you have been selected by the facility’s executive committee to develop a strategic plan that aligns to the organization’s mission and vision. Use critical thinking skills and research current events of your chosen organization to prepare your assignment.Assignment InstructionsWrite an 7 page strategic plan. Your plan must include the elements listed below. Note that the instructions correspond to the grading criteria for this assignment. You may also want to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion in the scoring guide to see how your work will be assessed:Differentiate between strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and managing strategic momentum.Propose one specific analytical tool suitable for use as an adaptive strategy that will be the most effective in helping an organization achieve its strategic plan.Propose the manner and provide an example of how the selected analytical tool will be used to support the strategic proposal.Research three internal and three external factors that could become barriers to the success of the proposed strategic plan.Recommend at least one solution to each of the possible barriers to implementing your proposed strategic plan.Determine the specific segment of the market that your organization’s strategic plan will target.Recommend the most effective approach to marketing your strategic plan and provide examples.Use at least three quality academic resources.Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.Meet requirements for clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.The specific course outcome associated with this assignment is:Design a comprehensive strategic plan that accounts for the internal and external factors that impact an organization.ResourcesSt. David’s Healthcare Mission,warmth, friendliness and personal pride.American Academy of Pediatrics General Hospital’s Department of Neurology