can Anyone Elaborate Which Theories Are Being Used Through This Transcript. I Essay Help Site:edu

Can anyone elaborate which theories are being used through this transcript. I want to be able to know which theory would be best fit just by looking at the transcript. Just to up my knowledge. I’m considering Vygotsky theory vs. Piaget theory mainly because I’m a little more familiar with his concept.

Mary: I guess maybe he’s trying to start change. I mean reading the article might make some people feel guilty and if they feel guilty then maybe they’ll do something about it and take action.

Teacher: Guilt can be a powerful motivator, can’t it? Especially if someone has a legitimate reason to feel guilty. Have you guys ever used guilt to persuade someone to do something?

Katie: All the time. ((Students laugh))

Laura: You can guilt your parents into letting you do stuff. Like my brother always got to go do stuff when he was a senior but my parents never let me do the same things and so like I always bring that up. I say, “You let Brian do whatever he wanted when he was my age but you hold me to a different set of standards. That’s sexist.” I know it’s not right but I’ve learned that if you can make people feel guilty you can get them to do what you want.

Teacher: Okay, with that in mind let’s look back at the article then. Isn’t the author doing something similar in his writing? I don’t know about you guys, but the part about coastal cities being destroyed, or island cultures vanishing under the oceans all because I had to have my bottled water, or because I couldn’t ride my bike down the street to the grocery store, that makes me feel guilty.

Sarah: That made me feel guilty too. I was kind of like, “Whoa! Future generations are going to suffer ’cause of us.”

Teacher: How did the author get you to feel guilty without coming right out and saying, “Hey, you should feel guilty?”

Brice: Well, like you said he’s talking about future generations and what they won’t have ’cause of us. Like we have all these things but they’re gonna have less ’cause of what we do.

Teacher: Did anyone else get guilt from that?

John: I did.

Erin: I kind of did too.

Teacher: I’m curious to know what you thought about the author’s choice of title: “The Awesome Column.” I’m not sure how effective it is. If I read an essay titled “The Awesome Column” I’m not sure I’d take what the author has to say very seriously. It makes light of a serious situation, which doesn’t seem to benefit his purpose.

John: Yeah but the audience he’s trying to reach is a younger audience. I mean he’s writing for us, like high school and college students. We’re more receptive to humor and it makes the article easier to read. It’s not some strict scientific-sounding paper that’s telling you this and this and this and this. It’s more conversational and you can tell he has a good sense of humor. It’s easier to read something when you’re enjoying reading it as opposed to reading it just to get information.

Teacher: I guess that’s a good point. Maybe I need to rethink what I said.
Michael: I’ll even give you an example. In my English class the teacher requires us to do these book reports and EVERY SINGLE TIME I end up being assigned a boring book. It’s hard to finish reading