Business Marketing Plan PPT

You will review a marketing strategy for a business (Business details will be shared after award). Your marketing plan should include the essential components including substantial market research to validate your proposal, as well as a detailed plan. Your Business Marketing Plan should include the following components: – Executive Summary – Situation Overview (Market trend and buyer persona) – Value Proposition – SWOT Analysis – Goal – Strategy – Tactics – Implementation – Control (Measurement) This should be presented in a Powerpoint format designed really well that is 10 slides (not including title slide, bibliography slide) and you can include up to 6 slides for the Appendix. Please DO NOT write paragraphs of text on the slides. Please create a well-designed Powerpoint with visuals, as if you are presenting to the founder of the business. Please utilize the notes section of each slide to provide additional detail/research to validate what is presented in each slide. Note: Experience in banking is needed, and please no generic messages————————-Info to help: – The assignment is for a bank in the UAE that wants to launch Digital Banking proposition and the market plan should be focused on that It will focus on key areas in the customer lifecycle when it comes to banking services:- Digital Onboarding- Digital Servicing- Loyalty (through personal finance management)- Digital OriginationThe KPIs will be to:- Increase customer acquisition- Enable self-servicing and reduce servicing costs- Increase customer loyalty and stickiness- Increase share of wallet by originating new lending productsThe idea is that the marketing plan should cover the landscape of the country (why is this important, the 5 Cs) and then promote how the marketing plan will help achieve this and the value proposition it provides to the customers ———————————-MARKETING EXPERTS ONLY PLEASE*** I hired someone who did it really bad and not meeting the assignment requirements, so please use that work (old plan for reference.ppt) as reference ****** Please share sample slides design for a marketing plan you have worked on if you want to work on the project.  ****