Business and Leadership

Imagine you want to share your learning with a dear friend, a family member, a colleague, or a group or community you belong to.Please note that each student may have a different journey due to their lived experiences—past and present—,their values, their strengths and challenges, and where they are directed in the future. We are looking for your individual response to this. Be brave; remember to “Act like a leader before you are one.”Question Prompt:In our study of leadership, we have frequently spoken about the power of individuals to drive organizations, change, and innovation. For you, as you review what you have learned over this course, reflect on what you are taking away from the entire course experience. As you reflect, determine what you value most in your learnings and how you can use them.Specific prompt to answer this question:“What are the top 2-3 things I am taking away from this course learning journey, and how will I use them to create value?Format:First step: Paper – up to 2 pagesSecond step: You must use one or more of these techniques to help illustrate your answer:A photograph / art image / drawingA story A poem / song lyrics / quoteA chart / data visualization / timelineA checklist