(based On Baldwin, 2001) give A Long-term Direction For A Free Essay Help Online

(based on Baldwin, 2001)
Give a long-term direction for a Crematorium? Give an effective strategic plan guiding a Crematorium course and direction? (a few paragraphs)
Give key areas that require continuity and development of the people resources within a crematorium? (a few paragraphs)
Give key people a Crematorium will develop and nurture for the future? How will a crematorium develop and nurture young people? (a few paragraphs)
How does the concept of succession planning fit into a Crematorium strategy? Are you concentrating your efforts in the areas where the returns will be highest as a Crematorium owner? (a few paragraphs)
What are the career paths that your most talented people should be following in the Crematorium? Is each path customized to fit the abilities and talents of the people involved? (a few paragraphs)