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Author Historian Paul Escott wrote:

“The centerpiece of black culture…was religion…” In light of this statement, develop a 300-words that reflects the role religion played in two of the following areas of African American lives:

Music Leadership Education

Please include examples and opinions. No big use of vocabulary words. Please little citations for the assignment. Please include OPINIONS.


Comment From Post 1

There are families who suffer financial hardship and not be able to give proper care to baby during pregnancy. Improper care can have many adverse effects on baby such as poor body development and born premature with many health defects. Even after the infant is born, the poverty can have major impact on premature receiving all require health needs. I believe there should be some free help be available to all families who are not financially stable to provide proper care to improve their child development.The types of treatments that you have mentioned are great which can have positive impact on child improvement and it can provide some relief to the child family and give them hope that the child will get better soon. I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST. NO MORE THAN 150 WORDS NEEDED AND ONE REFERENCE PLEASE.[supanova_question]

Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan

Most people have experienced frustration when talking with customer service at least once. Often, organizations provide satisfaction surveys to customers in order to evaluate their experience. In the health care field, accrediting agencies require providers to measure patient satisfaction through surveys. You will be using the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan template to enter all of your information. Note: If you have responded substantively to each of the content items within the template of the assignment, the document should be between three and four pages. Choose one of the customer experience scenario options below: Customer contacted a Health Plan Customer Service department but could not understand the representative. Customer scheduled an appointment with a primary care physician for an acute illness and there were no appointments available. Customer had an appointment for lab testing or a diagnostic test (MRI, CT scan, etc.) and the facility environment was disorderly and unclean. Customer visited the Emergency Department (ED), also known as Emergency Room, but the wait time was extensive (over three hours). Customer’s car repairs estimate was $200.00, however, the actual bill was $900.00 when repairs were completed. Customer contacted a cable company to have an installation of internet and cable for their home. Installer arrived and did not know how to do internet installations. Respond to the questions listed in the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan template. Once you have responded to all of the questions in the template, your document should be between three and four pages. The template is what you will be submitting. Do not write a paper. However, you do need to write in paragraph format using APA formatted citations where applicable and include APA formatted references. Describe the patient satisfaction scenario chosen. Describe a minimum of three data elements you would gather to fully assess the situation and assist you with improving the customer satisfaction scenario you chose. Outline the CQI methods you would utilize to develop your improvement plan. Then, explain your plan for improvement. Provide a statement from a scholarly source that supports your plan. Identify three stakeholders on your team and discuss how the communication method differs for each (e.g., physician, administration/management, and health care staff). Include information on the barriers that may be encountered in communicating effectively within the team and when implementing the plan. Analyze how cost and quality are linked based on your chosen scenario. Include information on the potential impact to the organization if the issue is not resolved. Describe how you will be evaluating the success or failure of the plan. Discuss the process. Provide a minimum of one statement from a scholarly source that supports your evaluation plan.[supanova_question]


Identify a business problem or opportunity at a company where you work or with which you’re familiar. This will be a business problem that you use for the individual assignments in Weeks 3 to 5. It should be a problem/opportunity for which gathering and analyzing some type of data would help you understand the problem/opportunity better. Identify a research variable within the problem/opportunity that could be measured with some type of data collection. Consider methods for collecting a suitable sample of either qualitative or quantitative data for the variable. Consider how you will know if the data collection method would be valid and reliable. Develop a 1,050-word analysis to describe a company, problem, and variable. Include in your submission: Identify the name and description of the selected company. Describe the problem at that company. Identify one research variable from that problem. Describe the methods you would use for collecting a suitable sample of either qualitative or quantitative data for the variable (Note: do not actually collect any data). Analyze how you will know if the data collection method would generate valid and reliable data (Note: do not actually collect any data). Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.[supanova_question]

Religion- World View Chart Assignment (Week 8 Only) ISLAM

WEEK 8 ISLAM Cosmogony – Origin of the Universe Nature of God/Creator View of Human Nature View of Good & Evil View of Salvation View of After Life Practices and Rituals Celebrations & Festivals Week 8 – Sources[supanova_question]

HCA 322 Health Care Ethics & Medical Law WK4-A

Week 4 Stark Law [WLOs: 1, 2] [CLOs: 1, 4, 5, 6] Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 7 of the textbook and the article Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws Limit Lab-Marketing Methods, and review the web page Health Care Fraud News (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., the website Stark Law (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and the handout The STARK Law. Then, review the following case study: Two physicians, Dr. S. and Dr. V., leased a nuclear camera so they would no longer have to refer their patients to the local hospital for nuclear imaging. Faced with the prospect of losing over a third of its $2,274,094 in annual gross nuclear medicine revenues, the hospital responded by threatening to revoke the doctors’ admitting privileges. Lengthy negotiations ensued, at the end of which the hospital agreed to sublease the camera from the two physicians; the camera remained at the physicians’ offices but other physicians with privileges at the hospital could use it. Four other local physicians who provided the same or similar services to patients as Dr. S. and Dr. V. brought a qui tam action alleging that the sublease violated the Anti-Kickback and Stark Acts and that the defendants falsely certified compliance with those laws in connection with claims submitted to Medicare in violation of the False Claims Act. (Please note: This is an actual court case and an Internet search may uncover the actual case details. You are prohibited from utilizing any source materials associated with this case. Use of any related materials will result in a reduction of points on this assignment. This assignment is being graded on your ability to think critically?on your own recognizance?based on your comprehension of the knowledge provided in this week’s learning materials.) Carefully review Chapter 7 of your textbook and research Stark Law. Given this scenario, Analyze whether the actions of Dr. S. and Dr. V. violated Stark Law. Explain the legal parameters for patient rights and the role that Dr. S and Dr. V play in protecting those rights. Explain the federal, statutory, or case laws that apply in this scenario. Provide solid evidence supporting your decision by utilizing information from the Ashford University Library as well as the law itself.[supanova_question]

SCRUM Project, Part 5: Sprint Planning And Burndown Chart

SCRUM Project, Part 5: Sprint Planning and Burndown Chart Prior to beginning work on this assignment, watch the Spring planning (Links to an external site.) video, which demonstrates how VSO can be used to plan your first sprint for weekly SCRUM project. Continue with your chosen project from last week by planning your very first iteration. In other words, you will estimate the hours needed to satisfy a product backlog item, calculate team capacities, and assign tasks to team members using Visual Studio Online (VSO). Follow the steps below to complete this assignment: Determine which product backlog items (user stories) need to be included in the very first iteration. Add the above user stories to the first iteration backlog. Select one of the iteration backlog items and break it down into tasks that team members can work on. Assign hours to complete to each task. Form your iteration team and determine the capacity of each team member and the whole team. Assign the tasks of your selected iteration backlog item to members of your team. Assume that you have only 1 SCRUM development team made of three developers. Once you have planned your first iteration in VSO, take one screenshot showing the hours assigned to each task, and a second screenshot showing the capacities of each team members of your project. In addition to your two screenshots, include a 750- to 1250-word (3-5 page) paper with the following: · Summary of your selected user story to include in the first sprint, its tasks, hours on task, team member composition and capacities · Explanation of your approach to completing this assignment, including why you selected the user stories you did and how they support the business needs · Summary of personal reflection and lessons learned in completing this assignment The assignment · Must be 750-1250 words (3-5 pages) in length (not including title and references pages, or the screenshots of your first iteration) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.[supanova_question]


Part I (50 Points) ? Consult a newspaper, a magazine, or an Internet source to locate an example of a good or effective classified ad for employment, and an example of a poor or ineffective classifiedemployment ad. Prepare a brief electronic presentation (3-5 slides) showing the differences between the two ads. o Compare the two. What makes the good ad good, or the poor ad poor? How might the poor ad be improved? Part II (50 Points) ? The manager of the sales department at ABC Computers has asked HR to advertise for a full-time outside salesperson to manage IT corporate accounts. Prepare a classified ad for the newspaper, 5 words (maximum) X 5 lines (maximum).[supanova_question]

Forum 4

Instructions You will be given a Forum Discussion Your original post should be at least 300 words APA guidelines 6th ed. Cover page. Student responses should reflect critical consideration of the question and interaction with material from the Bible, the textbooks, and other related materials. The responses should not merely quote or paraphrase the content in the course texts. Briefly describe the main effects of humanity’s fall into sin. In what areas of life or experience do the tragic consequences of sin affect you most deeply or directly? Books to use is The Thinkers Guide to Analytical Thinking Ryken, Philip. (2013). Christian Worldview: A Student’s Guide.[supanova_question]


View performances of Death of a Salesman scenes online, including film and stage versions. Various scene performances are available on YouTube. After viewing these performances, write a short (500-word) critique of the directing and of the actors. Address how successful or unsuccessful the director’s interpretation was, and discuss the appropriateness of casting, which can include costuming, manner of speaking, and gestures APA FORMAT DUE 11-23-2016[supanova_question]

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