Article Critiques

This is different than making notes on readings.  You are giving a more critical analysis of the study.  The focus of your critique should be on their quanlitative design and how it is communicated throughout the paper.  Some areas to consider for your critique include:Is the purpose of the choice of narrative/case study design clearly stated?What was the particular theoretical/conceptual framework used?Did the author(s) specify the form of data collection?  Population and sample identifiedSources of dataTrustworthiness of the studyReflexivity of the studyInternal Review Board Approval Determination of codes describedCoding analysis describedDescription of themes providedTriangulation of the data discussedDid the author(s) provide a rationale and step-by-step outline for the study’s procedures?Did the author(s) communicate any qualitative software programs and/or analyses used? Was the approach inductive or deductive?You do not need to include all these bullet points in your critique but this serves as a guide for what you should be looking for and analyzing.  What to submit: Submit both article critiques in one single Word document with 1 in margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, double-spaced.  Each article critique should be a minimum of one page in length.  The critique should begin with the full APA7 citation to the article at the top of the page, similar to what is done in the notes on readings. Textbooks provided for references. Please cite textbooks.