Are You The Same Person

To do justice in writing this paper it will take you 4-5 pages.Prompt:Are YOU the same person today (in 2022) that YOU were in 2011?The answer to this question illuminates the philosophical problem of persistence (identity over time).  It is typically answered with one of four theories.  A person is the same person because:She has the same body (somatic theory/physicalism):She has memories of being the person from 2005 (Psychological Theory);She is both material (body) and immaterial (soul or memories) [dualism]; or“She” doesn’t exist because personhood is an illusion and dynamic (Anti-criterialism)This paper asks you toAnswer that question using at least two of philosophers to support your answer;Pose a possible objection to ONE of the theories; andAnswer that objection in a way that supports your thesis.Helpful StepsReflect of the different philosophers this semester, Write down your instinctive answer/s to the question.Determine which theory backs up your instinctive answer. (If you lean toward Confucianism, Thomas Hobbes, or Existentialism of J. P. Sartre , then explain what is it that draws you to their theory.)Define each theory and explain them using your own wordsUsing an example, demonstrate how the theory supports your answerPresent an objection to ONE theoryDefine the objection and fully explain it in your own words Using an example, demonstrate how the objection undermines your answerAnswer the objectionRequirements:The following is a list of administrative requirements for your take-home exam.Papers must be double-spaced with 12 pt. font and 1” marginsPapers will be turned in on Canvas and are due at 11:59 pm on the day listed in the syllabus and on CanvasLate papers will be accepted for up to one week and will accrue a 1/3 of a letter grade late penalty. Students must keep a copy of all papers submitted to their instructor. Grading MatrixFor specific details on how this paper will be assessed, please see Rubric below.