.. anyways, every week, we have a module. Here is a summary of this week’s module, so u can kind

.. anyways, every week, we have a module. Here is a summary of this week’s module, so u can kind of understand what this week module is all about so that it kind of help u figure out the prompt and answer it. *********MODULE 1********* Introduction to Module 1 – Components of the Research Process Research in business today continues to increase in value and purpose. Using research in business administration projects requires a standardized approach that integrates scientific as well as behavioral and social science processes. The use of Business Research is widely accepted across organization and industry. Fundamentals of the research process are beneficial for application of business research practices. Below are the steps of the Business Research Process: Identify the problem, purpose of research. Background, origin, and evolution of the problem. Data Collection Analysis and Assessment Results and Recommendations. The research process has a clear standardized approach that allows for a consistent model to be utilized across research. By utilizing the standardized approach, critique and expansion of the research is viable for continued study in the field. A doctoral level researcher whether in an academic or practical study will address this model in a manner that facilitates the higher levels of critical thinking as an expert in the field. It is important in the first 3 steps of conducting research to identify and define a problem, process, practice or opportunity. What is an area that you are interested in advancing through research? It is important to look at the research past and present and see what is available and what has been researched previously as well as what is missing based on the research to this point? Knowing the research process provides consistency and continuity to the research community as the project is viable and applicable in practice. The researcher develops the research project gaining a greater understanding, advancing the field of interest. Identify academic and professional sources that will assist you in conducting the research in the selected area and applying the research in practice. As you work through this unit you will be able to refine and define the area of research for your project gaining a greater understanding of research. Completing a project warrants a higher level of professional expertise. The researcher has a well-established background and experience in the given field regarding strong elements of the purpose or problem being studied. The higher level of expertise facilitates a solid platform for continued growth teller research, and analysis to expertly address the research project for application and practice. The doctoral candidate assimilates the academic knowledge acquired throughout the program with their practical experience to formulate an applicable project advancing the field. ############## PROMPT############ A) Practical Business research is more than theories and concepts. Business research is developing processes, techniques, and practices that are applicable in real world situations. Your project is real world based. What is the topic, problem, process, or practice you will address as your program project? You will utilize this topic throughout the entire course. Make sure it is interesting to you. You will have questions, seek knowledge and understanding. Your project is something you have determined further study is needed. b) After identifying your topic, share with us your reason for selecting this topic and why it is important to you, why you want to conduct further research on the topic, state whether you have already started to conduct research on your selected area, etc.