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Primary sources are the voices and images of the past that allow us to answer the ‘What, How, Why’ questions that are the centerpiece of history.  However, the ‘What, How, Why’ analysis of the past always changes. Each new generation, each new discovery forces historians to adapt their understanding of the past.  To get us ready to analyze such sources in further history courses, we will be closely investigating two (chosen by each student) primary sources this semester in two different short analysis assignments. At the end of Week 7 and Week 15, each student will analyze a primary source of their choice. However, I would prefer each student to find a primary source NOT PROVIDED by me in the primary source readings. Students will be able to pick ANY (besides the previously assigned) primary source dealing with the topics of world history we have covered this semester. New world slavery, World War II, industrialization, nationalism, etc.Again, I will not provide you with a specific primary source. This will be up to each student.  There are an endless list of different sources to use.  Students should understand sources do not need to be written, non-fiction sources. Primary sources can be material objects, art, literature, etc.  Once you have your primary source, you should complete your analysis in two to three paragraphs.  This will be roughly 1 page, double spaced (perhaps 1 and 1/2 at most).  AT THE TOP OF THE PAPER, MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A WEBLINK THAT LEADS TO THE SOURCE ANALYZED!Your first paragraph should simply answer what the primary source is: describe it.  Where is it from? What time period?  Who wrote/produced it?  Why did you choose it?Your second (and if need be, third paragraph) should deal with what the source can tell us about the time period/culture/ideology associated with the source.  Why is this source important? Each analysis will be worth 100 points.  You will be graded thus:10pts grammar/spelling10pts Clarity of language and meaning.20 pts Description of source.30 pts Explanation of what it tells us about time period.30pts  Why it is important?Find a primary source from our Blackboard Readings from weeks 8-15 to analyze. This assignment is worth 100 points.  Please see general info above for grading rubric breakdown.  This assignment should be roughly 1 page as a Word/Google doc, double-spaced.