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Pick one of these characters and write a four page research paper explaining the character’s motivations, flaws, and reflection of the people in their respective societies.Thesis: A good thesis statement for this essay would say something like:Gilgamesh is an epic hero who desires respect and immortality but does not understand the best way to go about it, mirroring how even ancient Sumerians longed for the best in life but were normal, flawed people just like we are today.-Notice how this thesis points out Gilgamesh’s motivations (wants respect and immortality), his flaws (he doesn’t go about getting this respect and immortality the best way), and the people of the time (normal and flawed like people today).OrSunjata’s tale shows how he was willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill his destiny despite being a young man who has to deal with family struggles that he must overcome in order to save the Mande people who are constantly under threat of invasion and genocide.-Notice how this thesis on Sunjata points out his motivations (to fulfill his destiny), his flaws (esp. when dealing with family), and the people of the time (constantly under threat).These are just a couple of examples that you could use to think about what you would like to say about a certain epic hero. You would want to split up your body paragraphs to be organized by the hero’s motivations, flaws, and reflection of the people of the time, using three pieces of research from the school’s library or the library’s databases to back up what you have to say. Religion and Life: Another popular theme running throughout our course has been religion. Religion unified nations, changed entire cultures, caused wars, brought about peace, and also separated one culture from another. Pick one of the texts we’ve read that have dealt primarily with religion (like The Bhagavad-Gita, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Inferno, all that Chinese poetry, Augustine’s Confessions, or anything else you feel was directly influenced by religion), and write a four page research paper explaining how that text reflects that culture’s religious beliefs.Thesis: A good thesis statement for this essay would say something like:India’s The Bhagavad-Gita tells the tale of the characters of Arjuna and Krsna and outlines the basic tenants of Hinduism, which is central to Indian culture.OrDante’s The Divine Comedy explains how European Christians see Hell as a real place, where sinners go after they die to be forever separate from God.OrAugustine’s Confessions shows a first-hand of a man’s journey to Christianity and how he, as all Christians must, deals with his sinful past and newfound personal relationship with God.These are a few suggestions, but if you choose to write about of the thesis statements I’ve given here, you need to reword it into your own words! Research: Once you come up with a solid thesis statement, go to the library’s online resources (DO NOT USE THE OPEN INTERNET! The library or the library’s online databases are the only acceptable way to get online research! Gale Literature is a great resource) and try to find research to back up the statements you want to make. You may also want to search historical databases to find out about the people of the time period. You will use only THREE (no more. No less) outside sources. Make sure your essay quotes your primary text and that you quote and/or paraphrase each outside source at least once. Use proper MLA format. These means that in your essay, you should be quoting your text and citing it, in addition to quoting/paraphrasing all three of your pieces of research and citing those. On your Works Cited page, you should cite 4 sources: your text and each of your three outside sources.