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Limit yourself to evidence-based sources only. Select a specific issue or problem confronting a health-service organization that you caneffectively address through your capstone program proposal. Examples might include financial challenges, implementation/operationalization of new legislation(such as the No Surprises Act), patient safety and quality, improving internal cybersecurity, or improving the organizational culture. You will identify a targetaudience or governing body, such as the CEO or board of directors who would review and approve implementation of your proposal. You will also identify whowill be affected by implementation.Prompt: In Milestone One, you will submit a draft of your introduction (Section I). Milestone One will encompass the introduction of your proposal. You areencouraged to follow a scholarly research process for identifying the sources needed to complete this milestone. Select a specific issue/problem confronting yourhealthcare organization that you can effectively address through your capstone program proposal.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. IntroductionThis should include a brief statement of the issue/problem, the purpose of program, and its impact. Identify the issue to be addressed and includean accurate and detailed overview of the issue, including a discussion of how your identified issue affects your health-service organization and anyaffected population. You may consider negative patient outcomes, financial implications, cultural implications, etc. In general, include all informationthat you think is necessary to establish a comprehensive analysis and foundation for understanding your chosen issue and proposed program. Thissection should also describe the target audience to whom you would present your proposal for implementation (such as healthcare executives,administrators, and board of directors) in relation to this proposal and why your proposal would be relevant for this audience. For example, howmight your proposal help hospital administrators make effective and ethical decisions surrounding patient safety and quality, culture, finance, etc.?RubricGuidelines for Submission: The draft of your introduction should be submitted as a 2 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point TimesNew Roman font, and one-inch margins. Any references should be cited in APA format. Use appropriate headings to identify each critical element.