Any topic (writer’s choice)

The audience must be able to fully understand what the problem is and why it is a problem.The problem demonstrates urgency, and the resolution of this problem proves to be significant.The cause and effect of the dilemma provided is evident. There are a multitude of causal relationships demonstrated between the issue and the given solution.Sufficient research is conducted. It is cited correctly, is utilized ethically, and is powerful in its effect on your proposal. A total of 3-5 sources should be used.A proposition is provided that is realistic, efficient, and impactful.Reasoning from opposition should be explained and countered with a rebuttal.The genre of a letter is utilized and not merely adapted. The audience is thoughtfully chosen.Well organized. Whatever strategy you use, make sure that your organization (beginning, development, and conclusion) is effective, engaging, and clear.Thesis Statement: State the main idea of your letter in your introduction in a Thesis Statement. Then make certain that every supporting paragraph relates to and supports that main idea.Demonstrate growth and improvement from the first drafts to the final revised draft.Write a 5-6-page letter, double-spaced, free of grammatical errors.