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Ifsubmitted, your response can be viewed by your classmates and instructor,and you can participate in the class discussion.-7After watching this video and learning of the many ways of thinking aboutreligion, would you say that religions are basically versions of the same humanpulse, or are they fundamentally different at their core?Religion: An Object to Be StudiedThe living religions of the world share the goal of trying to link that which wecan perceive with our five senses to something beyond. For many, this meansthe contemplation, worship, or other interaction with a god or gods. Typically,this worship takes place within a traditional religious community such as achurch, temple, or mosque. Other people in today’s world- though they maychoose not to participate in religious institutions -embrace a personalspirituality.There are at least three ways to understand religion. The materialist perspectiveholds that the supernatural is nothing more than a human invention.Functionalist perspectives explain the various roles, or functions, that religionplays in society. For instance, religion can provide a psychological copingmechanism, or it can explain natural phenomena. Finally, the faith perspective-held by religious people themselves – is that there is an underlving realitythat interacts with human experience. People of faith often base their beliefs,behaviors, and communities with respect to this perceived underlying reality.Religions have extraordinary effects on societies. To name just a few, religionsinfluence political decisions, gender relationships, ritual or routine behavior,ethical codes, and the arts. Moreover, religions make an indelible mark onindividuals. In this video, we meet a variety of religious practitioners frommany walks of life. They give brief insights into what religion means to them.Can you watch this video and I don’t have another video?