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Here is an explanation about what a trade publisher is:A publisher usually refers to a professional company that writes stories or produces content. So, The New York Times is a publisher, that publishes articles about politics, business, sports and more. Cosmopolitan is a consumer magazine about beauty, fashion, wellness for women of any age in any business. These are Consumer Publishers – NOT Trade Publishers.When I refer to a “Trade Publisher”, the word Trade means a business only specialty – like “type of business”.  So, “Women’s Wear Daily” is a Trade Publisher that writes about the fashion industry as a business. Usually normal people (consumers) don’t read too many stories from Trade Publishers – but EVERYONE employed in the fashion industry reads it – store owners, clothing manufacturers, designers, sewing machine company executives and more. Adage is a “Trade Publisher” that writes about advertising, for business people working our industry.So ….. for our business of – Media, Marketing, and Advertising – there are a number of “Trade Publishers” that write stories about the BUSINESS of Integrated Marketing. Again, normal consumers wouldn’t read articles from these publishers, but you and I would read them every day to know what is going on in our profession. Here are some of them, though you are welcome to find others.