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To help you explore what we’ve learned about, your Unit 2 assignment will consist of writing an essay addressing using the following criteria: Essay Requirements: •    1,000 words or roughly four double-spaced pages. •    Make use of at least three scholarly sources to support and develop your ideas. Our course text may serve as one of these three sources.•    Your essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections.•    Be sure to cite your sources using proper APA format (7th edition). For help with APA, visit the Bethel Library website to explore a plethora of APA-related tutorials, help videos and resources. Essay Prompt: •    Spend some time with the five Impressionist paintings in the “Comparison of Five Impressionist Paintings” section in Chapter 4. •    Next, answer the following questions:     o    If you were to purchase one of these five paintings based on which you find most attractive or engaging, which would you choose and why?    o    How does your chosen painting make use of color and line?     o    How does your chosen painting make use of symmetry or asymmetry? What is the effect of this technique?     o    What other ‘impressionistic’ qualities of painting do you observe in your chosen painting?