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Text Shape Media Comment Collaborate 1)Every cell undergoing mitosis first doubles its total amount of: A) protein C) DNA B) lipid D) RNA 2)DNA in eukarotic cells is found on: A) chromosomes C) Golgi bodies B) ribosomes D) microtubules 3) The phase in the cell cycle wherein DNA is duplicated is called the: A)S phase C) R phase B) M phase D) T phase 4)Small microtubule bodies that serve as centers for the mitotic spindle are called: A) nucleoli C) mitochondria B) centrosomes D) nuclei 5) The mitotic phase wherein chromosomes migrate toward opposite poles of the cell is called: A) prophase C) metaphase B) telophase D) anaphase 6)During mitosis in the plant cell, the end of telophase is marked by the production of a between the two new cells. A) cell plate C) chromosome B) centrosome D) ribosome 7) The Gi checkpoint is the: A) period during which DNA is synthesized B) point in the cell cycle where the cell receives the signal to divide C) the start of anaphase D) the end of telophase 8) A protein involved in cell cycle control is: A) cyclin C) triacylglycerol B) hemoglobin D) MRNA 9) When dividing mammalian cells stop dividing once they encounter other cells this is alled:
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