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10)When cancer cells escape the primary tumor and migrate elsewhere in the body this is called: A) transformation C) mutation B) anchorage dependence D) metastasis 11)A clone is: A) produced by fusion of sperm and egg B) produced after meiosis C) a group of genetically identical individuals with the same parent D) consists of individuals with the same parents but with different gene combinations 12) If a diploid cell has 46 chromosomes, meiosis will produce haploid cells with chromosomes. A) 46 C) 92 C) 23 D) 67 13) During meiosis I chromosome pairs move to opposite ends of the cell during A) prophase I C) anaphase I B) metaphase I D) telophase I 14)During crossing over: E) nonsister chromatids exchange DNA segments F) kinetochores attach microtubules to chromosomes G) a cleavage furrow forms in the cell center H) DNA in chromosomes replicates 15)One of the mechanisms that contributes to genetic diversity is: I) independent assortment of chromosomes J the production of 2 centrioles per cell K) the ability of each gametes to end up with half the initial number of chromosomes L) the cellular plasma membrane 16)Genetic variability is important to evolution because: M) it ensures each organism has chromosomes N) it ensures that each egg gets fertilized by a sperm O) it ensures that each cell has mitochondria
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