Answer the two questions with only the files

Donna decides she will not need to conduct any pre-employment tests because the job requires only basic skills. She will provide each employee with company invoices to be used to sell the products and to collect the money. Once Donna receives the order and payment, she will give the products to each employee, who will be responsible for delivering the items. Do you agree with Donna that there is no need for any pre-employment tests? Why or why not?Question 2: CompensationMia is an attorney who is going to start traveling internationally for business, so she provides Jenna, her administrative assistant, with a smartphone so Jenna will be able to easily reach her. Do you see any FLSA concerns with this decision? If so, is there anything Mia can do to minimize any potential issues? You MUST READ TGESE FILES AND USE ONLY THESE TO ANSWER WITH DIRECT QUOTES.