Annotated Bibliography

Focus a search around your own inquiries and questions. Experience the ways the research process refines and refocuses inquiries-the back and forth of the research/discovery processShare findings with your zine community to enrich shared understandirs of the topic• Practice and master the MLA Works Cited formattingOffice 365Student LearningCenter TutoringNorth LibraryTASK: An annotated bibliography is a document that summarizes and assesses the sources you are collecting for a larger project, in this case your zine that will part of your group’s anthology. Each student in the group will be responsible for creating an annotated bibliography that details their individual sources they will use to inform their zine. The annotated bibliography should include four entries (works we use in class do not count). This means four citations in MLA format along with summary and commentary (annotations). The sources in the annotated bibliography should include the following:Follett DiscoverBadgr• One scholarly/academic source (book reviews don’t fulfill this requirement).• One primary source- this means original documents, images, or immediate first-hand accounts of the topic from people who had direct experience, texts created in the time frame of your topic, an artifact from the movement, the ism, a first-hand account, a 1st person narrative, historical record, speeches, letters, interviews, census data.One additional reliable source such as an educational website, article, or documentary• One image-photograph, drawing, cartoon, print, painting, or map (other kinds of images (you can think of?)One way to evaluate a source is to use the ABCD method.Authority: Who created the content? What makes this author credible, accountable, or an authority on the topic?• Bias: What is the purpose and standpoint of this source? Is the bias clear or veiled? What is the source’s purpose? Is it educational, commercial, or designed for entertainment?• Currency: When was this source created? Is this information still relevant?• Documentation: How well does this source support the information it provides? What kinds of citations or references (if any) does it use?To create an Annotated Bibliography:• Create a work cited entry in MLA format. Entries should be alphabetized. (An example of a works cited entry for a scholarly journal article can be found here I .). After the entry for each source, include a summary of the source-one you write in mostly your own words (about 3-5 sentences.) In the case of some primary sources like an image you may need to describe the source instead of summarizing an author’s thesis or the key information covered.• In a 3-5 sentence paragraph, contextualize the source. What kind of text is this? Where / how did you locate the text? What do you know about the author(s) of the text and their politics of location? Who edited and / or published the text? Whose perspective is centered in the text? Who is its intended audience?. Then address the information or concepts from this source you find most relevant for your work on the final project/zine. Address how/why this source is particularly useful in shedding new light on your topic. This section will take a minimum of three to five sentences to do well. It should be in mostly your own words and should include a few blended quotes and key phrases from the text. Be sure to cite the page # in parentheses.Plagiarism Alert: To demonstrate your overall grasp of the sources and of the abstract requirements, be sure to use your own reading skills, your own thinking skills. your own writing skills, and your own words for this work. Plagiarism on this assignment will yield an automatic 0.0.Integrating quotations is a requirement: Blend in quotations of the written sources occasionally as discussed above to demonstrate your commentary is grounded in the source text.Reminder: a blended quote integrates a phrase or clause from the source into your own sentence and cites the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence.Grading Criteria:-attention to MLA Works Cited formatting-completeness of the annotations according to the required elements named above-effective, judicious use of blended quotation in the abstracts of written sources and accurate MLA in-text citation-clarity of the written content-attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling in the abstracts