Analysis essay about the Performance in the film Atlantics

Choose ONE Non-Narrative primary aspect of Cinema from our lectures (Performance, Visual Design, Composition, Editing, or Sound), and perform a Formal Analysis of another film from the list (OR a film NOT on the list that I have approved). As with the first assignment, only ONE student will be permitted to write on any given film, so sign up in advance. When you sign up, make sure to tell me BOTH the name of the film and the Lecture Concept you’ll use to study it. In this assignment, the fundamental question to answer is: How does the formal aspect you’re studying construct meaning in the film you’ve selected? As with the first assignment, use your lecture notes and the readings to help you focus the paper.So: If you’re writing on Performance, interpret the Persona of the actor you’re studying, as well as the specific Performance and Character in the film, plus Styles of Acting, Types of Performance, etc. If Visual Design, consider Mise-en-Scene and Objective Correlative (as well as Color, Lighting, Costume, Props, Sets, etc).  If Composition, consider Framing, Staging and Photographing; If Editing, consider Scene Building, Cross-Cutting and Montage; If Sound, consider Music, Voice, Sound Effects and Silence.