An Auteur’s Mise en Scene

Do not recopy the questions into your document.Research the topic and obtain college-level, credible sources. Credible sources can be found using the HCC library in the form of books, databases, and scholarly articles. *Refer to the Plagiarism, Citation, and Format Unit for information on how to create MLA citations.Remember: Citations and Works Cited do not contribute to your minimum word count.You must embed an image in this assignment. This is as simple as pasting an image file into the document from your device. Find the image file wherever it is stored, copy it, and paste it onto the document. Alternatively, you can upload the image directly into the document using the insert picture feature in Word. A complete assignment applies the lessons of the unit to the topic of the assignment.Please read the rubric carefully before beginning the assignment.An Auteur’s Mise en Scène InstructionsAuteurs are directors who have a signature style of work such that they make a clear imprint on their films. Auteur theory states that the director controls their mise en scène in such a way that they become the true author of the film, superseding the importance of the screenwriter. How the director imprints their style upon the mise en scène is unique to each auteur. Choose an auteur that you are interested in personally. *This director must meet the characteristics defined in the unit materials.Research the auteur’s body of work and what makes them more than a mere director, but an auteur. In your assignment address the following:What are the defining qualities of their directorial style?What are the themes of their work?What camera movements typify their work?What color palettes do they tend to use?Select one (1)  still image from one film that typifies your chosen auteur’s mise en scène style. Embed that image in the Word document and cite it properly in MLA format.Perform a mise en scène analysis of this film still. Using the elements of mise en scène, interpret the meaning of this scene.Be sure to utilize the specific terminology learned in the unit to address the important elements of this particular frame relating to:Setting and Props Costumes, Hair, and Makeup Facial Expression and Body Language Lighting and Color  Actor Blocking Shot CompositionAfter performing research about your selected auteur and seeing their work in action, how much do you believe the director’s style affected the design of the mise en scène? Why? Be specific.