American independence

When addressing these assignments, make sure to use short primary source analyses which you cite in your paper.  In a 5-page essay “describe what key events marked the move toward American Independence.” Use the textbook (2 books I’ve listed below) to support your arguments. Also use the historiographic literature and circumstance of that time. For instance, What did Tom Paine have to say in “Common Sense”?; What was Thomas Jefferson doing and writing about in the 1770s?; What about Ben Franklin. Frame your arguments in the events and issues of the day.Book to cite from:- Give Me Liberty: An American History (Eric Foner), Volume 1: to 1877 *cheapest edition but make sure it is Volume I to 1877* (W.W. Norton, New York).- The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante Bellum South. Kenneth Stampp (Published by Vintage: Reissue Edition, December, 1989.- And other sources found online.Format:5 page essay12 font times new RomanDouble spaceMLA citation