Amazon Powerpoint Human Resources and Change

Discussing the  organization Amazon what’s in need of change and make recommendations to manage the change through integrating the major responsibilities of HRM.Research Amazon Company and discuss what is in need of a change and present how the team will manage the change process by incorporating the three essential responsibilities of human resources management, focusing on (purchasing and inventory systems) subsystem that requires change within the organization. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 2 slides. Include detailed speaker notes within the PowerPoint presentation in the designated slide field.These sources must be cited within the presentation, not just provided as references at the end of the presentation.Address the following below in presentation:Satisfaction of Three Stakeholders:1. Identify any three stakeholders in the organization affected by the proposed change.2. Explain how the proposed change will satisfy each of the three stakeholders identified.Ethics:1. What does the Amazon organization’s website state about its view on ethics?  2. Does the organization’s published view on ethical standards conform to or differ from its practice(s)? Use the “Four Views of Ethics,”( utilitarian view, individualism view, moral rights view,  and justice view), to compare the company’s published versus practiced ethical behavior.  Provide justification.