-Already have a topic for it but I would like to have a well written essay that I can

-Already have a topic for it but I would like to have a well written essay that I can even tweak myself
-BACKGROUND INFO: I am a POC Pakistani girl who has lived in a white community her entire life with nobody of my skin tone. Im involved in a lot of extracurriculars: Beta Club President, Speech and Debate Team, Student Equity and Advisory council Vice President, Orchestra concert master, fluent in Urdu, received all state orchestra awards, 3.9 and above unweighted gpa, play varsity girls soccer, An active writer in my schools newspaper: The Tilghman bell, Paducah Bank Teen Ambassador, Teacher at the Islamic center that my parents founded with only 4 Muslim families. I also recently have had a lot of mental health struggles, suffered an overdose etc, but that’s very personal Im not sure.

-The topic of this essay is Share a Palindrome in any language and give it a backstory
Heres what I have so far: “Daad. In my parents native language Urdu, Daad means appreciation. Mein app ko daad deti-hoo means I appreciate you in English

-I have had many scenarios with my mother where she has used this word but I think I could talk about how my parents expected great grades and never really gave me any “daad”, this topic is kind of sensitive for me since its kind of what lead me to have such terrible mental health problems.
-This supplemental has no word limit but, it recommends 1-2 pages so stay within that range
-Thank you 🙂