Alienation in Pedro Paramo and Metamorphosis

You must incorporate at least two secondary sources to support your argument. These sources may be from the assigned and/or optional scholarly articles, a preface or epilogue to one of the books we have read, an interview with the author, and/or sources based on your own outside research.You are expected to have a clear argument articulated in a concise thesis statement. You should avoid simply stating that the two works are simply “alike and different.” Instead, consider how the two works get at certain aspects of the theme/issue your essay is investigating. What do we learn from each text and how does this shed light on the questions that animate your investigation. To do well on this paper you must not only support your argument with quotations from the texts, but also analyze the specific language and structure of these quotations. That is, you must address not only what the text says, but how it says it (i.e. literary form). Be sure to cite all quotations in accordance with MLA standards. Adhere to MLA guidelines (double-spaced, 1- inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman). Finally, be sure to include a properly formatted works cited. Topics:(2) Alienation
Many of the works we have read in the latter half of the semester have attempted to address the problem of alienation in modern society. Choose two works that deal with the problem of alienation and compare both their representations of it and their proposed responses to overcoming it. Feel free to approach the problem of “alienation” very broadly. These works need not put forward identical concepts of alienation and its causes, but you should be attuned to how they critique existing social relations and how they strive to find ways (successfully or otherwise) to overcome alienation. I’m using Pedro paramo and metamorphosis