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What are the results and sources of air air pollution Task III Rachita Mittal Western Worldwide College SCI 270 Mrs. Saudamani Sharma Introduction Air air pollution is the introduction of chemical compounds, particulate matter, or organic supplies that trigger hurt or discomfort to people or different residing organisms, or damages the pure atmosphere, into the environment. The environment is a fancy, dynamic pure gaseous system that’s important to assist life on planet Earth. Stratospheric ozone depletion attributable to air air pollution has lengthy been acknowledged as a risk to human well being in addition to to the Earth’s ecosystems. Historical past People most likely first skilled hurt from air air pollution once they constructed fires in poorly ventilated caves. Since then now we have gone on to pollute extra of the earth’s floor. Till not too long ago, environmental air pollution issues have been native and minor due to the Earth’s personal means to soak up and purify minor portions of pollution. The industrialization of society, the introduction of motorized autos, and the explosion of the inhabitants, are elements contributing towards the rising air air pollution downside. Right now it’s pressing that we discover strategies to scrub up the air. The first air pollution present in most city areas are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulate matter (each strong and liquid). These pollution are dispersed all through the world’s environment in concentrations excessive sufficient to progressively trigger critical well being issues. Critical well being issues can happen rapidly when air pollution are concentrated, similar to when large injections of sulfur dioxide and suspended particulate matter are emitted by a big volcanic eruption. Air Air pollution within the Residence

You can’t escape air air pollution, not even in your individual house. “In 1985 the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) reported that poisonous chemical compounds discovered within the air of virtually each American house are thrice extra more likely to trigger some kind of most cancers than outside air pollution”. (Miller 488) The well being issues in these buildings are known as “sick constructing syndrome”. “An estimated one-fifth to one-third of all U. S. buildings at the moment are thought-about “sick”. (Miller 489) The EPA has discovered that the air in some workplace buildings is 100 instances extra polluted than the air exterior. Poor air flow causes about half of the indoor air air pollution issues. The remainder come from particular sources similar to copying machines, electrical and phone cables, mildew and microbe-harboring air con techniques and ducts, cleansing fluids, cigarette smoke, carpet, latex caulk and paint, vinyl molding, linoleum tile, and constructing supplies and furnishings that emit air pollution similar to formaldehyde. A serious indoor air pollutant is radon-222, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, naturally occurring radioactive gasoline produced by the radioactive decay of uranium-238. In accordance with research by the EPA and the Nationwide Analysis Council, publicity to radon is second solely to smoking as a explanation for lung most cancers”. (Miller 489)  Radon enters by pores and cracks in concrete when indoor air stress is lower than the stress of gasses within the soil. Indoor air can be more healthy than outside air for those who use an power restoration ventilator to supply a constant provide of recent filtered air after which seal air leaks within the shell of your property. Air air pollution has unhealthy results on individuals, animals and plant-life throughout the globe. Each time we inhale, we supply harmful air pollution into our our bodies. These pollution may cause short-term results similar to eye and throat irritation. Extra alarming, nonetheless, are the long-term results similar to most cancers and injury to the physique’s immune, neurological, reproductive and respiratory techniques. Acid Rain is a big air air pollution downside that impacts rural, suburban and concrete areas which can be down-wind of main industrial areas. Acid rain is precipitated when sulfur and nitrogen air pollution from industrial smokestacks is mixed with moisture within the environment. The ensuing rain is acidic which destroys pure ecosystems ands buildings. International Warming, as air pollution gathers within the Earth’s environment, it traps warmth and causes common temperatures to rise. It’s exhausting to foretell precisely how local weather change will have an effect on a selected space. Listed here are just a few seemingly outcomes: • An increase in sea stage between three. 5 and 34. 6 in. 9-88cm) resulting in extra coastal erosion, flooding throughout storms and everlasting inundation • Extreme stress on many forests, wetlands, alpine areas, and different pure ecosystems • Higher threats to human well being as mosquitoes and different disease-carrying bugs and rodents unfold illnesses over bigger geographical areas • Disruption of agriculture in some elements of the world attributable to elevated temperature, water stress and sea-level rise in low-lying areas similar to Bangladesh or the Mississippi River delta. Sources and well being results of air air pollution | |Pollution |Sources |Well being Results | |Nitrogen dioxide |All combustion processes (for instance street autos |Basic irritation to airways together with elevated | | |and home heating) produce oxides of nitrogen (NOx)|probability of respiratory an infection and impaired lung | | |which notably within the presence of ozone is |perform. | |transformed into nitrogen dioxide. | | |Major |Street visitors (for instance diesel engines, brake and |Respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Considerations | |Particulates |tyre put on); industrial sources (for instance energy |about long-term results. | | |stations). | | |Secondary |Fashioned by the oxidation (presence of ozone) of |Respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Considerations | |Particulates (e. g. |specific gases (for instance sulphur dioxide, |about long-term results. | |sulphates, nitrates) |nitrogen dioxide) within the environment condensing to type| | | |positive particles. | | |Carbon monoxide |Street transport and trade (all combustion of carbon |Reduces the oxygen carrying capability of blood and at | | |based mostly fuels). low ranges reduces focus and at increased ranges| | | |causes complications, nausea, dizziness. At very excessive | | | |ranges it may possibly result in dying. | |Sulphur dioxide |Combustion of fossil fuels (primarily coal and heavy |Causes respiratory difficulties, and irritation of the | | |oils). |eyes, nostril, throat and lungs. Folks affected by | | | |bronchial asthma are notably vulnerable. | |Lead |Petrol and trade (similar to smelting, and paint |Can impact the mental improvement of kids, | | |works). |and at very excessive doses poisoning, mind and organ | | | |injury can happen. | |Benzene |Combustion and distribution of petrol. |Publicity over a very long time can result in most cancers. |1, three Butadiene |Combustion of petrol and diesel, and the manufacturing of|Publicity over a very long time can result in most cancers. | | |rubber for tyres. | | |Ozone |Ozone is a photochemical pollutant which implies it’s |Publicity may cause an irritant impact on the lungs, | | |primarily shaped by the reactions of different pollution |airway irritation and quick time period respiratory | | |similar to nitrogen oxides within the presence of daylight. |signs. |


Managed Care And Its Ojbjectives Of Ensuring Quality Of Care, Costs, And Access-3 Page Paper

Draft a research paper, which discusses how well managed care has achieved its objectives of ensuring quality of care, cost of care, and access to care, sometimes referred to as the ?iron triangle of health care. Explain what mechanisms are in place to achieve these objectives. Include in the paper your opinion as to whether all three (3) objectives can actually be achieved simultaneously. Also, be sure to support your conclusions with data and other evidence. You must use at least two (2) Managed sources. Must be in APA format with references[supanova_question]

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Divorce and Remarriage Case Study Sherry and Phil are an interracial couple. They have been divorced for five years after an eight-year marriage during which Phil was active military and deployed two times. They have two children: Susie (12) and Greg (10). After the second deployment, for support, Sherry moved off base with the children to live closer to her parents. She did not return to the base when Phil returned from his second deployment. Phil was upset; however, he understood and requested reassignment to an overseas post. He has since been discharged and has been struggling to find steady employment. Sherry and Phil divorced soon after Phil’s return to the United States and his military discharge. Sherry and Phil attempt to co-parent their children and share equal custody but live more than 50 miles from each other. This distance creates transportation challenges for both parents around school activities, sports, and time with friends for the children during visitations. Both Sherry and Phil were single parents for several years and now each has remarried people with their own children. Sherry and her husband, Jim, who is Caucasian, have full custody of his 17-year-old twin girls. The whereabouts of their mother has been unknown for at least 10 years. Phil, who is African American, and his wife, Jill, who is Caucasian, share 50 percent custody of Jill’s 5-year-old son with her ex-husband, who is also remarried. Choose a stage of this family systemâ?¬Sherry and Phil’s marriage while he was active duty, Sherry and Phil’s divorce, Sherry and Phil’s single parenthood, Sherry and Phil’s remarriagesâ?¬and discuss the challenges faced by both the adults and the children during this time period. Pick one of these challenges, and use it as a presenting problem for the family. As the family’s therapist or counselor, choose a systemic family therapy model, and discuss how you would approach your work with this family in the context of the clinical model. Address the following in your response: The types of questions you will ask according to your model. The types of interventions you will develop according to your model. The cultural and diversity issues that might arise for the client family and for you as the therapist or counselor.[supanova_question]


Assignment 2: LASA 1: Development Throughout the Lifespan Erikson and Freud are two of the few theorists who have developed a lifespan approach to development. Freud’s approach to development was psychosexual while Erikson’s was psychosocial. Even though Freud’s theory is better known, Erikson’s theory remains a leading and very much applied model in personality and developmental psychology today. When considering these two stage-oriented theories, you can directly compare the majority of their stages. These are matched in the following table: Approximate Age Freud’s Stages of Psychosexual Development Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial development Infancy (Birth to 1 year) Oral stage Trust versus mistrust Early childhood (13 years) Anal stage Autonomy versus doubt Preschool (36 years) Phallic stage Initiative versus guilt School age (711 years) Latent period Industry versus inferiority Adolescence (1218 years) Genital stage Identity versus role confusion Young adulthood (1940 years) Intimacy versus isolation Middle adulthood (4065 years) Generativity versus stagnation Older adulthood (65death) Integrity versus despair When considering Erikson’s eight stages of development, the way a person moves through each stage directly affects their success in the next stage. Their personality is being built and shaped with each stage. At each stage, there is a turning point, called a crisis by Erikson, which a person must confront. In this assignment, you will observe or interview two different people, each at a different stage of development. For a third observation, take a look at yourself and the stage that you are in (this stage must be different from your other two observations). Record your three observations in a template. Include the following information: Name Age Gender Current developmental stage Status within the stage (i.e., identity achievement or role confusion) Events that have lead to this status Download a Development Template from the Doc Sharing area to record your observations. Summarize what you have learned about psychosocial development through these observations/interviews. Summarize the trends you see in your observations/interviews regarding psychosocial development. How does movement through Erikson’s stages influence personality development? Again, be specific. How do Erikson’s stages of development compare to Freud’s stages? How are they similar? How are they different? Between these two theories, which one do you feel best explains your own personality development? Justify your answers with specific examples. Write a 34-page paper in Word format. Insert your chart at the end of your paper. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc. By Week 3, Day 7, deliver your assignment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Course Project Grading Criteria and Rubric Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Chart identifies general characteristics of people being observed Chart identifies each person’s Erikson’s stage of development (Course Objective [CO] 2) 20 Explains which events of this developmental stage influence this outcome (CO 2) 24 Summarizes learning about psychosocial development, applies observations (CO 2) 24 Explains the connection between Erikson’s stages of development and personality development (CO 2) 28 Compares and contrasts Erikson and Freud’s stages of development (CO 1) 32 Determines which theory best fits own personality development, applies self-observations (CO 1, 2) 28 Presentation Components: Organization (12) Usage and Mechanics (12) APA Elements (16) Style (4) 44 Total:[supanova_question]

Strayer Discussion

MUST BE IN APA FORMAT 1-2 PARAGRAPHS REFERENCES Issues and disagreements between management and employees lead to formation of labor unions. Over the decades, the role of labor unions has been interpreted in various ways by employees across the globe. What are some of the reasons employees join labor unions? Did you ever belong to a labor union? ( no never been in an union) If you did, do you think union membership benefited you? If you’ve never belonged to a union, do you think it would have benefited you in your current or past employment? Why or why not?[supanova_question]

Leadership Homework 6

Leadership Homework 6. Read Covey’s “The Power of Goals” and discuss your take-aways for making you a better leader? Give an example from your own life of having your “ladder against the wrong wall.”
Leadership Homework 6

If A Corporation Is Incorporated In Delaware, Has Its Main Office In New York, And Does Businessin Califronia, But Its…

If a corporation is incorporated in Delaware, has its main office in New York, and does businessin Califronia, but its president lives in Connecticut, in which states can it be sued?[supanova_question]

Literature Review Matrix

Instructions: You will conduct a web search on your area of focus using Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other major search engine. Be sure to take the time to inform yourself on sound research sources including use of peer reviews as listed in the recommended and required resources for the week. To get you started, view What is a Scholarly Journal Article?. Next, you will analyze the first five results that appear from your search in a table format using Microsoft Word. Then, using the same keywords you used to search the Web, you will conduct a search in the Ashford University Library using one of the academic databases (ERIC, ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and so forth) and create a table using Microsoft Word. Finally, you will select two sources from either table that you feel are the best overall based on currency, credibility, authority, and academic integrity and construct a summary. For each article in your tables, use the following format: APA Citation Source Type (e.g., journal article, magazine article, book, and so forth) Annotation (e.g., two to three sentences summarizing the contents of the source) Content The assignment needs to include the following areas of content. Web Search (2 points): Construct a table that includes an APA citation, source type, and a two- to three-sentence annotation for five scholarly sources gathered from an open Web search. Library Search (2 points): Construct a table that inclides an APA citation, source type, and a two- to three-sentence annotation for five scholarly sources gathered from a library search. Summary – Source Selection (1 point): State the two sources you have selected and in one paragraph evaluate what factors influenced your decision to select these articles over the others from your search results. Summary – Learning (5 points): In a paragraph, explain what you learned through this process of selecting articles and what was most informative for you about this experience. Summary – Adaptations (.5 points): In a paragraph, explain the adaptations you will make in your search and evaluation process as a result of what you located during this assignment. Summary – Application (.5 points): In a paragraph, explain how you will use the information you found to help inform your ideas about your action research proposal. Written Communication The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication. Page Requirement (.5 points): Your assignment must be three to four pages, not including title and references pages. APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout. Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.[supanova_question]

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Abstracted Outline Resources Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions. Capella Online Writing Center: Principles and Procedures for Writing a Literature Review. Begin your review of the theoretical and research literature that provides support for your Integrative Project: Chapters IV. Keep in mind that you will be demonstrating, from a thorough review of the literature, what represents best practices in your area of practice or specialization. Develop and post an abstracted outline of your literature review for your Integrative Project: Chapters IV paper. An abstracted outline means that you should present two to three sentences for each subheading explaining the key points to be covered in that subheading. This material should be cited in APA style and the outline should conclude with an APA reference list.[supanova_question]


Office 365 Press the comma key or shift + question mark to see a list of keyboard shortcutsManage Discussion This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible due Nov 24 Discussion 2 6464 unread replies.6464 replies. As discussed in previous modules, there is not a constitutional right to healthcare in the United States. Yet, according to the text, the United States spends almost $3 trillion on healthcare annually or 17.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the absence of a constitutional right to healthcare, governmental healthcare financing has evolved. Three areas of governmental insurance programs that have developed to provide access to healthcare are listed below: Healthcare Finance Model A: Medicare Healthcare Finance Model B: Medicaid Healthcare Finance Model C: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Directions For this discussion board, the professor will randomly assign you to one of the healthcare financing models. In your initial post, provide the following information about your assigned model, e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, or ACA. In your description: Describe the mission of the model, e.g., target population. Discuss the historical events (if any) that precipitated its creation. Include the governmental agency responsible for its oversight and regulations. Provide an analysis which includes one advantage and one disadvantage of your assigned healthcare financing model. Provide an example of how the model has impacted access to healthcare services offered to patients Follow Up Post After you post your initial post, reply to two or more of your classmates’ postings (three additional postings are needed for an “Exemplary” grade). Respond to the two other healthcare financing models you were not assigned. Reply to classmates by: Asking questions about the information in their post. Responding to the usefulness of your classmates’ post material to Human Service practice. Providing additional analysis of how the models have/have not increased access to healthcare. Providing information on how programs such as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) or Tri Care supplement any of the healthcare financing model. Offering one additional primary/secondary reference (cited) that provides support for the material that is addressed by your classmate. (A different reference must be used for each reply to classmates. The reference must be cited using APA format.) The textbook CANNOT be used as a reference for your reply posts. Format In response to each topic or prompt provided by the Instructor please do the following: Provide a thoughtful and complete initial post that is a minimum of three paragraphs (minimum of 400 words), by Wednesday at 11:59 PM of the module week. Provide a minimum of a two to three paragraph response (minimum 400 words), to two or more classmates that directly addresses your thoughts on their post. In your post or response, reference either material in the book or an external source to support your point. Don’t forget to cite your source. Please ensure that each response includes proper grammar and punctuation and is respectful in tone. Do not: Offer advice to your classmates Agree or disagree with your classmates Offer personal examples from their own life that may be similar to material offered by their classmates[supanova_question]

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Discuss the profile of a Serial Arsonist. Provide an example of a criminal case where arson was used as a precautionary act (choose a case that is not in your textbook). Be sure to include scholarly references noted in proper APA format as well as in text citations to credit these sources. Direct quotes are not to be used in test answers.[supanova_question]

You Work For Your Local Public Health Department And They Have Asked You To Create A Mailer To Be Sent…

You work for your local public health department and they have asked you to create a mailer to be sent out to your community describing the state of your health care market. Research your local community. Create a two-page mailer and include the following: Cultural demographics of your community Age breakdown of your community How the demographics and age affect your local health care market The major health needs of the community A comparison of your community to the national health care market Local wellness programs and their effect on health care costs Also, apart from your mailer, include recommendations for how you might market to your local community.[supanova_question]


On August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, Brown an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white Ferguson police officer. The disputed circumstances of the shooting and the resultant protests and civil unrest received considerable attention in the U.S. and abroad, and have sparked debate about law enforcement’s relationship with Americans and police use of force doctrine. On command and direction of President Obama you are the lead negotiator who has been sent into the community to ease tensions and resolve perceived unrest. It is your job to identify the lead participants and stake holders some of whom may not be immediately visible and come up with a working solution. The fact that the president has sent you in doesn’t mean that you must ?fix everything rather you are to give all the stakeholders a chance to move forward and to hear their voice (stories). The stakeholders include but are not limited to: Law enforcement; The family of the deceased; Protestors Non-protestors; and The media You must identify and the viewpoints of these stakeholders. That is what are the stories that these various groups have based upon news articles and reports (I will send you a CNN link for this). Remember stories don’t have to be true it is just what one person or group believes. You must also indicate what steps you would take to resolve the conflict. Who would you call in? What would you say to them to build rapport with them? What do you think are their must haves as opposed to their wishes? Is there something that can be given as we saw in Robert Cialdini’s talk on ?The Power of Persuasion? You can use Chapters 8 and 9 of ?Difficult Conversations as a road map as to what you should be saying and thinking in such difficult conversations. You should keep in mind some of the themes we mentioned in class such as stories, mirror neurons, compassion, putting others first and six human needs. Your paper should be 5 pages long.[supanova_question]

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