aged 30 to 60 years old living in the United States, is sedentary behavior associated with increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes?

Remember you are not simply summarizing those 5 studies but are building arguments leading to your research question. Make sure you state your research question at the end of your lit review.

What i Think there are 3-4 theme that I want to argue.
Literature Review
Theme 1: Physical inactivity leads to metabolic syndrome which increases risk for diabetes
Increased blood pressure
High blood sugar
Excess body fat around the waist
Abnormal cholesterol/triglyceride levels

Theme 2: Bedbound patients and risk for type 2 diabetes

Theme 3: Risk of diabetes associated with TV-Viewing time
Theme 4: prolonged sitting increases risk of diabetes in physically inactive individuals// people may sit down for long periods of time to watch TV after meals and often eat snacks or meals while watching TV

I found articles: