African American religions

” There is no extension on this assignment. Instead, the assignment has been referenced through out the term, and the final assignment portal is open as of October 3, 2022. From the syllabusIn addition to the syllabus instructions copied below, I am reposting an instructional video (below) from a previous iteration of the class. One key difference is that we did not do a Detroit paper (unless that was your preference on the December 3rd paper). This year, I also prepared this list of themes.Final  Assignment: The Big Question, The Big ThinkCourse synthesis: Using your journal entries and additional COURSE resources, write a brief paper (3 – 4 pages) in which you answer the Big Question of this course: Using your reading notes and other course learning, apply the relevance (or lack thereof) African American Religion  to any of the Big Question themes to contemporary generations.You must reference and cite evidence from course material. Your paper must be current and forward looking. In other words, it may not only be a recitation of the history. Begin by stating the definition of African American religion you are using to evaluate your topic.Themes:Detroit’s Contribution to African American Religious Expression and ExperienceAfrican American Religion and FoodAfrican American Religion and WomenAfrican American Religion and Gender African American Religion and the Human BodyAfrican American Religion and ProtestAfrican American Religion and EducationAfrican American Religion and Health and MedicineAfrican American Persons of Faith and Multi-cultural Places of WorshipAfrican American Religion and Popular CultureThis is your written argument about he contemporary role of African American Religion, including whether it has relevance to the current moment. One approach the assignment is to critically thinking through a theme you have discovered or expanded in your understanding of African American religious experience. What did you learn about it in the history of that theme? How does that theme resonate in the 21st century? Does it not resonate? I will score the paper similarly to that of the Detroit paper. 25% technical issues including spelling, grammar, organization; and 75% content – correct use of terms, phrases, and concepts, the strength of your argument, how well you use your sources. You will want to put your critical thinking skills to good use. As with other writing assignments, I remind you of the Academic Code of Conduct, linked below. As this is a writing assignment, I draw your attention, especially, to the plagiarism section of the Code: includes representing the words, ideas, or work of others as one’s own in writing or presentations, and failing to give full and proper credit to the original source. Failing to properly acknowledge and cite language from another source, including paraphrased text. Failing to properly cite any ideas, images, technical work, creative content, or other material taken from published or unpublished sources in any medium, including online material or oral presentations, and including the author’s own previous work. Furthermore, as is my practice, I use TurnItIn, the plagiarism software included in the UM-Dearborn version of Canvas. I use the option that allows you to see how much of your paper has been flagged. Use of proper citation (APA, MLA, or Chicago) will help you avoid Academic Code complications and violations. Include the Academic Integrity statement at the end of your submitted paper.You are NOT required to write in the same theme as your brief research paper.