Abortion and Minors

InstructionsModule 5 Assignment: Researched Argument EssayOverviewThis term you have discussed and analyzed multiple perspectives on several topics. You have seen how all writing exists in connection to others’ perspectives on a topic to create an ongoing conversation. Now it is time to add your own perspective to one of these conversations.This assignment is the culmination of all the practice and analysis you have completed this term and the culmination of all the research you have completed in Modules 4 and 5. Your research has allowed you to understand the perspectives and, now, it is time to use that research to add your own credible voice to the conversation.You should spend approximately 13 hours on this assignment.InstructionsResearch Sources: Continue the research you started in Module 4. Research the approved working thesis you developed in your Exploratory Essay and Research Proposal, and consult the sources from your field research interview (one “approved” expert interview, only) and your Annotated Bibliography, using only credible and “current” sources, published in the last 5 years, and adding or changing sources if you need more or different support. You are not restricted to using the CCCOnline Library databases. You may insert 1-2 visuals in the text of your report; do not insert them at the end of the report but, rather, incorporate them into your text by introducing them, first, and then presenting them on the page. Insert an MLA source citation below each visual.Pre-Write: What background information do your readers need to know to understand your topic? Why should your argument matter to your readers? How will you make your topic significant to your readers? What types of arguments will best appeal to your readers? What supporting points do you need to make to support your thesis, and what evidence will you use to support those points? What is your purpose in writing? What do you want your readers to do, think, or feel after reading your essay? What is the most effective tone to use for your argument?Write: Write a formal researched argument supporting your thesis on your topic using *only* formal, academic diction as presented in the Module 2 diction video and in the “Writing in the World” Announcement, including only 3rd person.  Present the text of your report in formal paragraph style: omit bulleted or numbered information, internal paragraph headings, etc. And use only formal, academic diction, as explained in your assigned Module 2 learning materials.Introduction Paragraph: Give a thorough overview of the topic in your Introduction paragraph. Create only one (1) formal paragraph for your Introduction, and give background information, history, and context to the issue. Identify the main points of conflict or debate. Conclude the Introduction with your argumentative thesis sentence as the last sentence in your paragraph.Argument: In your Body paragraphs, argue directly for your position. Support your claims with specific cited evidence.  Omit all of your own personal opinions, personal commentaries, etc.  Remember to consider appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos and to avoid logical fallacies. Use your research to influence your depth of thought on the topic and to create credibility in your arguments.Counterargument: Address at least one counterargument in your Body paragraphs. Carefully consider at least one of your opposition’s strongest objections, cited, and overcome or refute it with additional cited source information. Support your rebuttal argument only with specific cited evidence.Conclusion Paragraph: Synthesize the information you presented in your Body paragraphs, and restate your thesis ideas in different words. What do you want your reader to do, think, or feel after reading your essay?Length