A literature review is an essay that surveys academic articles, books, and other sources that relate to an issue,

A literature review is an essay that surveys academic articles, books, and other sources that relate to an issue, area of research, or theory; it offers a descriiption, summary, and analysis of each source. A literature review is not a book review and it is not a summary or analysis of the primary source (in this case, any of the Díaz stories). Instead, a literature review is an analysis of the secondary sources you’ve chosen about the primary source.

Task: write a 750-1000 word essay that analyzes 4 secondary sources about the fiction of Junot Díaz.

Select 2 of the following 4 as REQUIRED sources; all are found in the “Additional Readings” folder found in the Fiction Unit folder in our Blackboard shell:

Kevane, Bridget. “The Fiction of Junot Díaz”
Miller, Matthew L. “Trauma in Junot Díaz’s Drown”
Ramos Pellicia, Michelle F. “Reading Junot Díaz and Filling the Void of Latinx Writers in US Literature”
Riofrio, John. “Situating Latin American Masculinity: Immigration, Empathy, and Emasculation in Junot Díaz’s Drown”
Stanton, David. “Junot Díaz one Home Ground”

Then choose 2 more sources from the library’s databases on your own.

After selecting your 4 articles/sources, write the essay (see next page for guidelines).

Guidelines for Writing a Literature Review

The essay must contain the following in any logical order:

An introduction
An overview of the issue, area of research, or theory under consideration.
A summary of each article, including specific quotes from the article that you explain in your own writing voice.
An explanation of how each work is similar to and/or different from the others (for example, are the articles on the same topic but present different points of view? Different theories? Focus on different characters or events?)
A conclusion in which you state which article(s) makes the best argument, is the most convincing, and/or makes the greatest contribution to understanding the fiction of Junot Díaz.
A Works Cited page that lists all sources.

Stay Loyal to Your Own Writing Voice

Even as you are summarizing and analyzing other people’s writing and ideas, you should remember to stay in your own writing voice. That also means citing any reference to an idea, even if you are summarizing or paraphrasing it.

Purpose: To familiarize students with the process of research and writing literature reviews.

Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on students’ ability to research acceptable sources and compose the literature review with focus, good grammar and mechanics, organization, and appropriate documentation.

Links for the 2 other sources


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