a Classmate Responded I Need To Connect What He Best Essay Help

A classmate responded I need to connect what he is saying to my thoughts above I need to better understand how to connect back.

I found it interesting that you shared that a core indicator of a successful curriculum is the teacher and their ownership of the process.
I have been in the field of education for over 30 years and considering the prescribed curriculum, and the enacted curriculum has always concerned me. I have seen computer science majors who graduated, but their knowledge was obsolete after finishing college. Is it enough for us as teachers to take ownership of the curriculum we design and hope that we have taught enough content for the students to deal with technology that has not been invented or industries that have not become successful yet?

Tondoprasetyo (2021) researched to explore whether teachers’ college was preparing teachers to instruct in language, and the results were disappointing. Most of the participants in the case study reported feeling less prepared to teach language arts after the course. The research suggests that most participants felt even less ready to teach language. Yet, the person who designed the program’s main objective was to build teacher self-efficacy in language acquisition.
This leads me to wonder whether creating a curriculum is ever more than a trial and error process.
I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on the matter.
Thank you for posting such a thought-provoking statement.