7-1 Project Submission

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:Analyze how the ideologies of punishment influence professional practice in correctionsDescribe the organizational structure and logistical considerations of correctional facilitiesAnalyze systemic issues that affect incarcerationScenarioYou are working for Vera Institute, a private agency dedicated to “tackl[ing] the most pressing injustices of our day.” Your work group is writing a grant asking for federal funding on behalf of the State of Alabama Department of Corrections, which desperately needs funding in order to build new structures and programs to combat overcrowding. The piece of the grant you will craft is the statement of need, which focuses on reviewing the ideologies of punishment, explaining considerations in corrections facilities, and analyzing systemic issues that affect incarceration. You have been provided with a template Word Document to assist you in organizing your work.ReferenceVera Institute. (2019). Retrieved from https://www.vera.org/aboutDirectionsGrant Proposal Statement of NeedIn this assignment, you will craft a statement of need for your grant proposal. This statement will explain the issues that generally relate to today’s corrections departments and how you are seeking to address these issues. Your statement of need should be divided into sections using the following headers:Ideological Influence on Professional PracticeTo begin your statement, you will use research to analyze how the ideologies of punishment influence professional practice in corrections.First, describe how the goals of sentencing may lead to specific programs and sentencing structures. In your analysis, include each of the following:Identify the five goals of sentencing. Name and define each goal.Describe how prison programs can foster rehabilitation.Describe some of the different goals of sentencing demonstrated through different programs and sentencing structures.Next, you will explain the impact of sentencing structures. Choose two of the following to explain the impact(s) of sentencing structures:Determinate and indeterminateFelonies vs. misdemeanorsMandatory minimumsThree strikes lawThen, describe how felony convictions create an unintended “invisible punishment.” Be sure to address the following areas of impact that persons convicted of felonies might face upon release: Civil liberty restrictionsPrivate sector restrictionsStructure and Logistics of Correctional FacilitiesIn the next part of your statement of need, use research as you consider the organizational structure and logistical considerations of correctional facilities.First, describe the processing of offenders in correctional facilities. Be sure to address each of the following:The prisoner intake processApplication of the Fourth Amendment to searches and seizures in correctionsTransitional services and release planningNext, describe the physical and organizational structure of correctional facilities. Be sure to address each of the following:The different jurisdictions of correctional institutions, including:Prisons and jailsFederal, state, localThe impact of different types of sanctions on corrections facilitiesThe physical layout of a corrections structure and its impact on corrections processesThen, analyze the impact of age-related diversity on correctional facilities. Be sure to address each of the following: The impact on facilitiesThe impact on adjudication, including:Juvenile or adultThe impact of an aging prison population on the correctional system. You may consider describing the following:Medical careFinancial considerationsSystemic IssuesIn the last part of your statement of need, you will use research as you analyze systemic issues that affect incarceration.First, analyze the impact of diversity in prisons. Address past policies and practices related to the response to increased diversity in corrections. Consider addressing some of the following:Mental health issuesLanguage and cultural issuesIssues in women’s prisonsLGBTQ issuesNext, explain the rise of incarceration rates and strategies to reduce them. Select two of the following events or criminal justice areas to focus on in your explanation:War on DrugsParole/probation violationsPre-trial detentionThen, describe factor(s) that impact prison culture. Select one or two of the following factors to include in your description: Long-term incarceration ratesTwo models of inmate behaviorSexual violence in prisons (Eighth Amendment)Relevant legislationCourt ruling(s)What to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:Grant Proposal Statement of NeedYour statement should be 6–8 pages, formatted using the provided template, which provides specific section headings and formatting, and include in-text citations with complete references in APA style in the identified reference section.