5-2 Project Two: Project Status Report

At the end of the requirements analysis phase, your team told you that:    Feature 2 (F2) development is more complex than thought initially. It will take at least 10 workweeks to be complete.    Feature Customization 3 (C3) will take close to five workweeks.    The complete system testing will take a minimum of one-and-a-half weeks due to the complexity of the systems involved.You made some necessary resource and schedule adjustments in your plan and obtained stakeholder approval for the same.However, due to delays in getting client approvals, UI design and development took one week more than estimated, which has now pushed all dependent tasks out by a week. Moreover, a resource availability issue has added three days to the Feature 1 development effort.You are scheduled to present a project status report at the end of the week at a stakeholders’ meeting that will include the client’s representatives.DirectionsProject Status ReportCreate a presentation for stakeholders describing relevant aspects of the current project status. Your presentation must include the following: original and current project schedule, current project status, updated risk register, and any other relevant project information you believe the stakeholders need to know. You can use any project management software (PMS) tool to create and update the project schedule and status. However, remember to choose a tool that will help you complete all parts of the project, like the Gantt chart.Specifically, your presentation must include the following:    General project information        Project goal and objectives        Team information        Initial schedule with milestones and end dates    Current project status        Gantt chart that shows the project’s progress and current schedule        Updated risk/issues register that shows:            Status of risks from the project planning phase including whether and how they have affected the project plan and schedule so far            Any issues facing the team currently and how you are managing them            Any new potential risks and proposed mitigation    Project summary        Updated milestone and end dates        Action items to ensure the project stays on trackWhat to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:Project Status ReportCreate a presentation of 8 to 12 slides to share the project status report at a stakeholders’ meeting. The presentation should include the basic project information, current project status, updated risks and issues, and a project summary.Supporting MaterialsThe following resources may help support your work on the project:Document: XYZ Business Workflow Resource and Effort Estimates PDFThis document provides the initial resource and effort estimate for the project.QSO 340 XYZ Business Workflow Resource and Effort EstimatesProject: XYZ Business WorkflowExpected Start Date: March 1 stExpected End Date: December 15 thFull-time resources: Software architect—Michael Lee Technical team lead—To be decided (TBD) Software developers—TBD Software testers—TBD UI design and development team—TBDPart-time resources: Julia Smith—Product Manager (ABC Workflow v3.0) Ryan Hernandez—Team Lead (ABC Workflow v3.0)Effort Estimates:Task Estimated efforts(workweeks)Requirements Analysis 1UI design and development 3Feature 1 Development 10Feature 2 Development 8Feature 3 Development 7Feature Customization 1 6Feature Customization 2 6Feature Customization 3 4Feature Customization 4 3Feature Customization 5 1Software System Testing 1