3 (7 Marks) each Communication Channel Has Different Target Audience. Target Admission College Essay Help

Question 3 (7 marks)
Each communication channel has different target audience. Target audience will impact the message choice, delivery methods and the content.
You are working for APPLE Company and you are required to communicate to customers about the New iPhone which will be released next month. Identify who is target audience of new Iphone and what is the message that you want to send to this audience group.
If you have to make a choice, what is the approach that you would prefer to communicate to the target audience deductive or inductive. Provide the justification to your choice. Answer this question in 300 words with at least one reference supported. Question 5 (7 marks)
The company has been receiving multiple complaints from customers about not answering their calls. You are asked by the manager to investigate the customers’ complaints. You decide to contact randomly some customers who registered their complaints and discover that the customers have been calling after 6:00pm when the company offices are closed. Based on your knowledge of e-communication, what would you recommend the company to do in order to address this issue?
What are the specific guidelines you will follow to ensure your proposed solution works effectively?
Answer this question in 250 words