23. Munro, S.

Remember, you are the ONLY one reading your article; therefore, you must provide accurate information during the discussion. Article attached Submission: Your initial response answers the discussion questions, followed by two substantial replies to your peers, including a comparison of the similarities and differences between the articles. Please cite the source you are discussing and list the complete reference at the bottom of the page for initial responses and replies.Grading: This discussion is worth 50 points and will be graded using the Nursing Discussion Rubric. Please use the rubric as a guide toward completing this assignment.Answer the following questions about your assigned article:What sources did the researchers include in their literature review (previous studies, relevant theories, sufficient quantity, and current references?)How well did the literature review explain empirical and theoretical knowledge based on the research study and identify what is known and not known about the topic?What are the concepts in the study framework, and is the framework expressed explicitly (clearly) or implicitly (implied)?Does the article use a theory or theorist for the framework? If so, describe it. If not, describe one that could be appropriate.