1. Organisms That Obtain Carbon From Other Sources, Without Energy From Light Essay Help Us

1. Organisms that obtain carbon from other sources, without energy from light but using inorganic oxidation are called A. Chemoheterotrophs B. Chemoautotrophs C. Photoheterotrophs D. Photoautotroph 2. The simplest carbohydrates are monosaccharides, which include A. Galactose B. Lactose C. Sucrose D. Starch 3. Which of these people need more iron in their diet than usual? A. Adult male B. Teenagers C. Pregnant Women D. Breastfeeding women 4. Constipation is caused by a lack of ______ in the diet A. Fiber B. Vitamin A C. Protein D. Calcium 5. Haemoglobin, as compared to Myoglobin, contains ______ haem groups to carry _____ oxygen molecules. A. four, two B. two, two C. two, four D. four, four