1. . Identify one dominant theme in each poem. Construct an argument about how the tone, speaker, and diction help in developing that theme.

  Compose a 750 to 1250 word essay in MLA format using one of the following questions: 1. Select two of the poems assigned for Module 8. Identify one dominant theme in each poem. Construct an argument about how the tone, speaker, and diction help in developing that theme.The Poems that I chose to use are Robert Hayden, “Those Winter Sundays” and Adrienne Rich, “Aunt Jenniferapost1234s Tigers”Successfully completing this assignment will involve constructing an overall thesis for your essay that addresses one of the prompts above and then using quotations and references to specific scenes from the works you select as evidence to support your argument. Reference the Writer’s Workshops in Modules 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 for helpful advice about constructing literary arguments as well as using MLA format for your essay, quotations, citations, and references.HUMN 142 M9 Essay 3 Rubric   HUMN    142 M9 Essay 3 Rubric CriteriaRatingsPts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeIntroductionProvides   context; includes thesis and forecast if required.   10.0 ptsClearly provides all necessary     information and sets expectations.8.0 ptsMinor lack or excess of     information; minor lack of clarity.6.0 ptsConfusing, vague or lacking.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeBody StructureParagraphs focus   on one major idea; Transitions clearly show relationships among ideas.   10.0 ptsParagraphs consistently meet     expectations; transitions very clear.8.0 pts1-3 lapses in paragraphs; 1-3     problems with transitions.6.0 ptsSo many lapses in paragraphs or     problems with transitions that comprehension is difficult.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeConclusionDecisively ends   paper.   10.0 ptsEnds paper with powerful impact;     creates a fully satisfying sense of completion.8.0 ptsEnding works, but may be weak or     does not create a good sense of completion.6.0 ptsWeak, confusing or missing     ending.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeContentPaper   effectively responds to the topic; paper is sufficient length to adequately   address the topic; both works are discussed thoroughly.   30.0 ptsPaper carefully and thoroughly     responds to the topic, discusses both works intelligently and compares and     contrasts them effectively.24.0 ptsPaper adequately responds to the     topic; length is adequate to address the topic; there is discussion of two     works of literature.18.0 ptsPaper does not respond     effectively to the topic; length is insufficient to adequately address the     topic; discussion of one work missing or incomplete.30.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeWriting StyleVariety of   sentence constructions, appropriate brevity, use of parallelism, poetic   effects (such as metaphor, simile, alliteration).  Appropriate; avoids   jargon, slang, and overly emotionally charged words.   15.0 ptsPleasing variety of sentence     constructions; always effective and appropriate brevity, use of parallelism     and/or poetic effects.12.0 ptsRelatively few minor errors.9.0 ptsErrors detract significantly     from comprehension or create significant distractions.15.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeGrammarFragments,   run-ons, tense, voice, person, disagreement, spelling, punctuation.   10.0 ptsFew to no errors (1% or less of     assignment word total).8.0 ptsSome errors (less than 5% of     word total).6.0 ptsErrors detract significantly     from comprehension.10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a   Learning OutcomeSourcesIntegration and   Citation: Quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing; in-text citations and   references adhere to required style.   15.0 ptsSources interspersed with     writerapost1234s own analysis or synthesis; quotes are less than 10% of paper; 1-5     minor errors in documentation.12.0 ptsSources interspersed with     writerapost1234s own work; quotes are less than 20% of paper; more than 5 minor     errors in documentation.9.0 ptsSources strung together with     little of the writerapost1234s own work; quotes are 50% or more of paper; citations     missing or with major errors; plagiarism.15.0 pts Total Points: 100.0 1. . Identify one dominant theme in each poem. Construct an argument about how the tone, speaker, and diction help in developing that theme.[supanova_question] 1 1/2 Page Global Business Article SummaryVersion:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000039911 StartFragment:0000038760 EndFragment:0000039871                   Find a recent article (January 1st 2019 or newer in a business orientated publication (e.g. Business Week, The Economist, WSJ, Financial Times, Fortune etc.) You should choose an article, not a news item, which is relevant and make a PDF copy of the article (or link to it) which should accompany your critique. It should be typed, double spaced and be about one page in length. Guidelines are as follows:Put your name on the pageInclude the publication name, article title, author and page numbersVery briefly summarize the content of the article Set out which global business issues/concepts/techniques are relevant. Be specific!Set out your critique of the situation – why do you agree or disagree with the authorInclude any other commentsAttach a copy of the article (or the website link.)[supanova_question]1. Define blockchain. 2. Discuss how enterprise blockchain enriches the definition of blockchain. You are required to cite this weekapost1234s assigned readings in your paper. You may also cite external sources if you wish. Discuss the following: 1. Define blockchain. 2. Discuss how enterprise blockchain enriches the definition of blockchain. You are required to cite this weekapost1234s assigned readings in your paper. You may also cite external sources if you wish. Use the following headings to organize your paper: Introduction, Question 1, Question 2, Conclusion, References.Submit your paper as a Word attachment in the discussion forum. I often provide feedback within the paper and will not grade your post unless you submit it as an attachment. Your response to the discussion prompt should contain a minimum of 500 words and it should be submitted no later than Wednesday before 11:59 pm EST.  Your response should be formatted in APA style and reference each of this week’s readings.The following guidelines are used to grade your discussion papers:1. Discussion posts are worth 24 points each week. Twenty points for the studentapost1234s initial discussion post paper, and 2 points each for peer response posts.  Your two peer replies should contain a minimum of 150 words each and should be submitted no later than Sunday before 11:59 pm EST. 2. The following point allocations are used to grade all discussion papers: 5 points APA style, 5 points use of required readings, 5 points content, 5 points scholarly writing/grammar/structure. Failure to cite each weekapost1234s required readings will result in an automatic 5-point deduction. Failure to provide in-text citations of paraphrased and quoted material will result in an automatic 5-point deduction.Follow the following writing requirements for all of your discussion prompt responses (note that these writing requirements DO NOT apply to your responses to other students):Writing Requirements for all Assignments:References MUST be cited within your paper in APA format. Your reference page and in-text citations must match 100%. Papers without in-text citations will earn failing grades.Always include a cover page and reference page with all submissionsYour paper must have headings in it. For discussion posts Introduction, Prompt/Question, and Conclusion will suffice as headings.  Provide the EXACT web link for all online sources – do not provide just the home page, but the EXACT LINK – I check all sourcesNo abbreviations, no contractions – write formallyWrite in the third person formal voice (no first or second person pronouns)Write MORE than the minimum requirement of the word count assignedAs always, the word count is ONLY for the BODY of the paper – the cover page, reference page, and / or Appendix (if included) do not count towards the word count for the paperIndent the first line of each new paragraph five spacesRefer to the example APA paper in the getting started folder under the content tab if you need an example. Also, a power is provided under the information tab that addresses APA format.Use double-spacing / zero point line spacing, a running header, page numbers, and left justify the margins.[supanova_question]

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